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Evan Raditya Pratomo is a children illustrator and currently works for his own childhood illustration studio named Papercaptain. His bookshelf filled with storybooks and children novels -and that's how he kept his childhood still alive. Cheerful, humble and whimsy were his magic spell that he puts to his works. Together, that spells made his illustration filled with wondrous feeling. // evanrp@papercaptain.com
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"Signs tellin’ you a story. Paintin’ you a picture in black and white. Life comin’ at you slowly. Hits you in the heart, not just the eyes. If you wanna know what’s goin’ on in this little town. All you gotta do is read the signs."

Signs - Brett Eldredge

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The Duchess & The Prince, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Feel the wonders from seasonal Papercaptain theme at it’s facebook page! The latest one is Valentine and I’ll update the cover page soon! #papercaptain #facebook

January, 2014, full of warmth.
I chased my dreams, full of trust.
Hoping for me and my best friend could through it, in the name of my lucky number.

They told me “that’s perfect!” And I think so.
I told myself “you jumped out from your comfort zone!” And I think so.
A week later, I dragged down to the deep rotten space when I saw the truth.

I spent my day and night, for that stupid zero numbers, a hundreds.
I paint it all, I carved it all, I pushed it all, for that stupid zero numbers, a hundreds

Now I throw it all back to the past.
Rumor said if we should leave the past in the past to find the future.
Another rumor said if we should not forget the past. But today is just a day after yesterday.
I know why, I lose my faith for unknown reason, I saw another me inside myself.
He puts his fake smile, cold as broken ice.

Sometimes Isadora Duncan wonders, why people love her dance.
Sometimes her family wonder, why it must her scarf that dragged her down.

I used to passionately painted from grey, the colour of mouse’s fur, the colour of serene warmth, and it’s never changed. Red wine is another cheerful-me, Teal is another mature-me, but how if I found another colour.

But I won’t forget it, even I was trying so hard to forget it. January, 2014, when the warmth changed to cold. Cold as broken ice.

Rhapsodia Van Java // The Preservation of Sterling Masterpiece

The meaning of preservation is very strong &
fortitude in batik Udan Liris . Udan Liris motif means fortitude & resilience in life, with distinctively parallel diagonal stripes. It has become a reference point in modern batik making in this work, by using the 9
components of jazz instruments, such as Saxophone, Trombone, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Double Bass, Clarinet, Trumpet, Piano & Drumand as the pattern.

Diamond in the card game has an element of earth, and also means home and folk. In Indonesia, there
was a traditional folk entertainment, namely
WAYANG or Shadow Puppets. In the world of
Wayang, Punakawan figures can be interpreted as an entertainer or a source of wisdom and truth. Thus, the chosen character Punakawan most known to the public, namely Semar, Gareng, Petruk & Bagong, solace and personification Rhapsodia Van Java in order to preserve the sterling masterpiece of Batik
and Wayang.

Tembang Liris (inspired from batik “Udan Liris”) made from 9 jazz instruments; saxophone, trombone, drum, trumpet, piano, clarinet, guitar, bass guitar, and double bass.

Rhapsodia Van Java by evanrp

Rhapsodia Van Java // The Preservation of Sterling Masterpiece

"Do Re Mi" nursery rhymes from "The Sound of Music". Video and illustration by me.

The Mystery Train, inspired from “Spirited Away”

The Beginning of Red Riding Hood.

Saxon Merino Sheep